Creativity can Change the World!

I was recently asked to take part in a podcast for 1Xtra Talks hosted by Richie Brave which was all about my role in society as a young Black British person and my thoughts and feelings towards the current climate of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are a few short quotes from a pre-interview but you can also listen to the full discussion here (click on the image below): 


Lo Williams:

I've recently finished college and I'm self employed with my own graphic design business. I would proudly say that I am Black British and also extremely proud that I am of Jamaican heritage as that's where my family come from.

I have mixed emotions about the future and how I see the world right now. It's really good to see my generation stand up for what is right but a lot of it can sometimes be social media hype and lack movement (as in impact and long lasting change). I would prefer to see physical change instead of people posting about it.

I would hope to be considered as part of the movement as my business is all about black empowerment - even before the Black Lives Matter movement I would say that I've always tried to make sure through my messaging and designs that black people feel empowered and happy of their culture.

I design many different designs and illustrations to show that
Black Comes In All Shades to inspire young girls in all different ways so that they can identify and see that 'that's me!'

I've been to events to speak to young black girls and sometimes they've asked me about friendships and bullying and about racism in schools, so I try to put enough effort into empowering them through design to know that creativity and art can change things.

If everyone is optimistic and thinks positively we can all make things better.

The world can be quite negative so if people change the way they think its all about mindset.

As a British person my family have made it easier for me to know who I am. I'm happy to say that I have been taught about my heritage and I'm also a Christian and finding my identity through Christ has shaped my character.